Ai Ai delas Alas, Bilibid inmate get Best New Artist nods at 57th Grammys


AWAAAAARD – Ai Ai delas Alas, and a Bilibid inmate gets nominated for the 57th Grammy Awards.

In a last minute decision, two Filipino recording artists were catapulted into the 2015 Grammy nominations for Best New Artist.

The nomination came after the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) decided to remove White Chicks star Iggy Azalea from the list of nominees in an effort to be more politically correct.

“In order to conserve and protect African-American culture, we have unanimously decided to revoke Iggy Azalea’s Best New Artist nomination,” the statement said.

In place of Azalea, NARAS nominated EDM Diva Ai Ai delas Alas “in recognition of her marvelous innovation of electronic dance music in the Philippine scene.”

In addition to delas Alas, the NARAS also nominated yet another Filipino recording artist, Herbert C., to acknowledge “the barriers and chains he broke at the New Bilibid Prison in order to create quality music.” The NARAS also added that they “are so touched” by Herbert’s dedication to his craft.

“Na-shock talaga ako nung nalaman ko na Grammy nominee na pala ako,” delas Alas said. “Pero mas nakakashock pa din nung nalaman ko na EDM Diva na pala ako,” she added.

Herbert C. is unable to give a comment as of press time after being transferred to an undisclosed location by the New Bilibid Records. Fans speculate that he is working on his follow-up to his platinum album Kinabukasan under Ivory Records.

“Kung nasaan ka man ngayon, tandaan mo lang na laging, nandito, nandito, nandito. Nandito lang ako,” delas Alas said after being asked for a message for her fellow Filipino Grammy nominee.

Herbert C., which is a very creative shortcut for Herbert Colangco, is one of the convicts who managed to pull off an extreme makeover at the New Bilibid Prison in an effort to add value to the property. Colangco has also shot a music video for his single Pa’no Yon in the revamped facilities.


SLAY – New Bilibid Prison inmates get their fab going and revamped parts of the facility to become MTV Cribs worthy.

Department of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima pulled a Beyonce Monday morning and surprised the people over at the New Bilibid Resorts and Casinos by paying them a visit. De Lima said that she is “absolutely disgusted at how high the value of this property was went up.”


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