Obama visits PH; Enters PBB House

Obama visits PH; Enters PBB House

US President Barack Obama came to the Philippines for his first state visit on April 28, 2014, but he was surprised when his originally 2-day stay in the country turned out to be a 100-day stay in the Pinoy Big Brother House.

Obama arrived via the Air Force One on Monday and was initially greeted by Vice President Jejomar Binay, Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario, Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin, Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, US Ambassador to the Philippines Philip Goldberg, and all the other people who were too irrelevant to be mentioned.

Afterwards, he boarded the Navy One helicopter to the Malacañang Palace, effectively avoiding the parking lot that is Metro Manila.

Upon arriving at the Malacañang, he was welcomed by President Benigno Aquino, and both of them proceeded with the usual rights at a state visit, which includes the playing of the national anthems, review of the honor guards, and rendering of full military honors, including a 21-gun salute for the head of state.

Obama then signed the Official Guestbook at the Ceremonial Hall.

However, he had no idea that it wasn’t only the Guestbook that he signed. He also unwittingly signed a contract with ABS-CBN, allowing them to turn him into one of Kuya’s housemates.

After President Aquino conferred him the highest diplomatic honor, and after the state banquet, members of the cabinet aptly sang Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On as Obama is taken by Pinoy Big Brother’s production staff out of Malacañang and into the PBB House.

Militant leaders have expressed dismay over Obama’s prolonged stay in the Philippines, and has been trying to get him evicted, both from the PBB House and the country, by trending #PBBALLINObamaOut.

The Philippine’s Defense Secretary said that everything that they have spent for Obama’s trip and eventual entry into Kuya’s House will be worth it.

“It will help him do his work better if he is here in the country and in Philippine’s leading reality TV show which puts the spotlight on common Filipinos like that guy who happens to be a model, and that girl who’s a volleyball player,” says Gazmin in an exclusive interview with The PT.

“This is part of fulfilling his iron-clad commitment to defend the Philippines,” he added.

Obama’s state visit was timed to coincide with the signing of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement which allows access to American soldiers to military bases here in the country. Other than that, no one knows shit about it.

One of the military bases specified in the agreement is located in front of the ABS-CBN studios in Quezon City.

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