That was not Bohol Fault, it was an accident!

That was not Bohol Fault, it was an accident!

YESTERDAY, at 8:12 AM, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck 2 kilometers southeast of Carmen town in Bohol province. The earthquake was reported to have been the equivalent of “32 Hiroshima bombs,” the strongest quake in the Visayas for 23 years.

The quake left, as of this writing, 97 dead and hundreds injured. Furthermore, the saddest destruction the earthquake had left would probably be the collapse of century-old churches, which should have been properly preserved because they are national landmarks. Among these churches is the Basilica of the Holy Child, which is the country’s oldest church, dating back to the 16th century.

For once, overly Catholic Catholics were shushed by the anti-Catholics, as they asked them, “Why did your god let your churches crumble?”

That question bothers me, mainly because it seems that the Catholic god is a weaker god compared to this religion’s god. And it seems to me that this religion’s god is a very powerful god because no churches of his were toppled by the quake – except for two.

“Two towers of Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) on General Maxilum Avenue in Cebu City collapsed,” Inquirer said in a report.

Therefore, if we follow the logic of the anti-Catholic netizens, the Catholic god is a weaker god compared to the god of Iglesia ni Cristo; but the god of INC is also a weak god because he was not able to protect his two church towers.

So, who is the true supreme God? Perhaps this would be the god of the Muslims, who were celebrating Eid’l Adha, or the Feast of Sacrifice, on the said date. Because not only did the Muslim god protect his mosques and his people, he also protected the general public because the feast was declared as a regular holiday, hence causing less casualties.

In this scenario, we see that the Catholic god was a bigger failure in providing protection towards his people compared to INC’s god who also committed the same mistake; however the Muslim god is a powerful and universal god because he managed to protect everyone, regardless of age, sex, gender, race, nationality, ethnicity, and even, religion.

Now listen up. I am not a Muslim. I am also not a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo, nor am I a Catholic. I do not identify with a particular religious sect. But what is my point in providing this analysis?

I want to point out that people should stop with the “my god is bigger than your god” ideology. We should stop being religious, and focus on being more godly. We should stop arguing over what religion is the truth, and also stop arguing with what religion will truly get you saved. We should stop putting God in a box, defining him or her with earthly traits – because in that manner, we are suppressing his/her ability to be universal. And finally, we should stop blaming religions or, as what Bertrand Russell calls it, “allies in the skies,” for the collapse of centuries-old structures that were probably not properly maintained.

Because in the end, as stupid as it may sound, lhady mae is correct – “that was not Bohol fault, it was an accident.”

One thought on “That was not Bohol Fault, it was an accident!

  1. That is just bullcrap!! The reason why the old churches were destroyed is because they are made up of more than 100 years of stone and obsolete concrete they don’t have steel cables as bases for the construction unlike modern structures so they are most likely to collapse with earthquakes with magnitude 7 and above especially the bell tower since it is the tallest part. People thinking that stuff like these are caused by religious omens have the understanding of a child and furthermore the girl who made that comment really should listen to her classes more especially on Science.

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