Public Service Announcement: This Is Not Mine

Public Service Announcement: This Is Not Mine

I have completely neglected my blog over the past week (no thanks to my academics) to the point that I have not published anything, nor have I continued the weekly Plum Charts.

But, since this is such an urgent announcement, I have chosen to publish this first before studying for my quizzes in JRN100, LIT101, and ETAR.

I, Xavier Allen Calvento Gregorio, would like to inform everyone that the photo I have posted with this article is not mine. I would like to credit this GMA News Online, wherein I have found the photo.

In the photo we have Mark Joseph Solis, smiling smugly at the right, a student of the prestigious University of the Philippines. Solis, is not related to pork barrel scam whistle-blower wannabe Lolit Solis, but may be closely related to Senator Tito Sotto.

At the left we have Chilean Ambassador Roberto Mayorga, having his photo taken after being deliberately fooled by a 22-year-old who is taking up a master’s degree.

In the background, at the center, we have a photo of a smiling kid with some seaweed on top of his head. This is obviously the work of Solis, and he obviously did not plagiarize the photo in any way because he was sooooo not absolutely desperate for money.

Solis had joined and won many photo contests before by utilizing amazing artistry and sophistry in using the keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl+C, and Cltr+V.

I, being a journalism student, have been trained by my JRN100 professor to cite my sources. Hence, I have clearly put the source of the image on the image, in APA format.

May we imitate Solis and his amazing originality and artistry.

And may I reiterate, this photo is not mine.

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