Apple releases iPhone 5c: “c” for cheap

Ah the iPhone. For years the gadget had been coveted by many, including me. But since I do not have millions of pesos coming from the national budget, I just sit here with my beloved (and at times dysfunctional) Cherry Mobile Flare, which is only priced at P4,999, as opposed with the iPhone’s whopping price of nearly 21K (that’s enough to buy a decent laptop folks.)

But a few days ago, after my long journey from the flood-prone streets of Dapitan, I turned on my PC.

And boy, I had never been this shocked in my entire life since Lady Gaga bled onstage at the 2009 VMAs.

Apple had released not just one, but two new iPhones – the iPhone 5s, and the iPhone 5c. What caught my attention was iPhone 5c. It’s vibrant colors were begging for attention, and it’s ultra cheap price tag of $99 (that’s around P4,500) just made my angular jaws drop.

Finally! Gone are the days when only the rich can afford an iPhone! Gone are the days when only the Napoles Graft Organizations (NGOs) were the only ones who could afford an 64GB iPhone with a monthly subscription to Globe. Finally, an iPhone that I could buy in order to use my CM Flare as a deadly weapon.

And what about the iPhone 5s? What does the “s” mean? Well, “s” here probably means “same.” There is little to no difference with it; except for the fact that this one has the A7 processor, a slightly better camera, and, a first for smartphones, a fingerprint reader.

A fingerprint reader! Great! Now I can just save my porn videos anywhere I want because I am the only one who can unlock this bitch! Well, yeah. I don’t need that extra security, so I am not paying an extra $100 for it.

But kids, don’t get to excited about being alive in this era, there is of course, a catch. It may be $99 with a contract in the US, but do expect that it will swell twice its price when it reaches the Philippines. You would have to thank the big companies for wanting to rake huge profits from this, and the multitude of taxes applied over this product if ever its price doubles. Don’t worry though, your taxes are in good hands (there’s no better place to hide stolen money than in a prison cell!)


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