Chinese fishing vessel spotted in Katy Perry’s new music video

Chinese fishing vessel spotted in Katy Perry's new music video

It seems like the Spratlys isn’t the only thing that China is invading.

A Chinese fishing vessel had been spotted next to Taal Volcano in Katy Perry’s music video for her latest single, Brave.

It came as a surprise for Department of Tourism secretary, Ramon Jimenez, that the Taal Volcano and its surrounding lake was featured in the video. Even more surprising for him is the inclusion of a Chinese fishing vessel.

“[It is] a picture of the Philippines that is obviously Philippines – that this country is being invaded, and we cannot even roar or be brave about it. I am very surprised that she has captured this,” he told The Plum.

“It’s no secret that, when Katy Perry went to the country, she fell in love with Philippines. I would not be surprised if she made the choice of completely copying everything she saw here, including the Chinese ships, herself. [But] I do not know that for a fact,” he added.

The American pop star has visited the country twice, first in October 2009 and in January 2012, as part of her worldwide tour.

In 2012, American action film, Bourne Legacy, featured the slums and the dirt of the Manila; and just lately, novelist Dan Brown affectionately named the city, the “Gates of Hell.”

Pleased with the latest “cameo” of a Philippine location in foreign media, Jimenez on Saturday said, “We encourage all our friends around the world to feature [the country] in a realistic light.”


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