Critique: Wally Bayola’s “Bavarian”

I know this is quite late, and this may be quite uninteresting, especially for my first blog post, but whatever.

Some time this week, a new sex tape made rounds on the Internet, following the footsteps of Chito Miranda and Hayden Kho.

But this time, it was a scandal so unprecedented, so unexpected, to the point that I squealed and screamed while watching such a tape.

For those of the faint-hearted, I recommend not watching the video. It will cause nightmares far worse than The Conjuring.

I would not even dare describe the horrors in the 5-minute clip. I would not even dare tell you the oozing plot twist at the end. What I will tell you, however, is that this tape involves Eat Bulaga host, Wally Bayola, and EB Babe, Yosh.

Let’s remove the fact that they are co-workers (and we all know it is pretty much unpractical to date and/or fuck your colleague) and let’s just focus on the fact that Bayola is a middle-aged man, who is married and has kids.

Just the fact that he had managed to do this makes me cringe. This is one of the points why this video is far worse than that of Chito Miranda’s because he did the nasty with his girlfriend. It also cannot compare with that of Hayden Kho, because Kho was single during the time of the videosss (see what I did there lol).

Aside from this, there are still questions in my mind. I would not question how it got leaked since loads of things leak onto the internet at a fast rate. But I would question the relationship between Wally Bayola and Yosh. What did they have? Are they buddies? Fuck buddies? Do they actually have an extramarital relationship? Or was Yosh paid to do this? Or maybe they just did that for fun?

We don’t know. We may never know. After all, ever since the video came out, Wally Bayola never issued statements about it. Heck, Wally Bayola is nowhere to be found. Their managers and friends refuse to comment on the issue, so we might as well let Wally do some soul-searching as we continue on with out busy lives (we still have the pork barrel scam to watch, remember?)


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